The Ego cannot be conscious of its own being. It can only become conscious of its self, or those representations of the Ego that the Ego’s Context has decided best fit the Ego’s image. Ego experiences of the Context and or of its self could be deemed ‘indirect’ relational experiences, as they require a kind of relational stop along the way. Direct relational experiences take place when we sub-consciously relate to our object world; that is, when we come into sub-conscious contact with an object or event or, if you which, when one of our five senses sub-consciously relates to something: We feel pain but don’t think about it, watch flames dance in a chimney but ponder something else, smell food but don’t notice it. Etc. Indirect relational experiences, however, are those that take place under the auspices of the self, or when we come into conscious contact with something. That is, when one of our five senses consciously relates to an object or event: We feel pain and realize it is ours, watch flames in a chimney and wonder how they are formed, smell food and look for a place to eat.

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