According to the characteristics of our existential structure, if you are genetically programmed to play with dolls, that is what you will do unless, perhaps, your Context significantly contradicts your behavior and shames you into not demonstrating that kind of behavior anymore. Remember, your Context is your life-time dancing partner so the ‘way you dance’ will be determined as much by who you are as by who or what your Context is. If, for example, you are born with a love for the ocean, you will always be attracted to bodies of water, unless, of course, one of them all of a sudden tries to drown you. Whatever significant signals of confirmation or contradiction the relationships you engage in may send to you, the Structure will see to it that their message reaches its proper destination. After that, any changes that are to take place in you will depend not only upon how your Ego is genetically configured, but what significance each relational circumstance may have for you. Often, a certain type of Ego based behavior--like being attracted to the color pink, loving to eat ice-cream with a fork, or feeling attracted to snakes--may be so strong that no “nurturing stimuli” can compete with the confirmational impact such objects may provide. However, new relational data created by a nurturing loved one can create important variations as to how you sense your world. Actually all that is required to create a change in your psychological status is for the confirmational or contradictory significance of a relationship to be influential enough to overpower its genetic counterpart, and the change in that status will be made.

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