All life forms possess relationally created genetic imprinting. The genetic baggage that living things carry from birth provides them with a specific personality or character and, therefore, a basic “modus operandi”. In short, our genetic baggage gives us a powerful point of relational departure from which we are able to relate to our Context and become that which we are to become. This does not mean we are powerless to control, change or manipulate our destinies, or that our Egos or genetic selves are the only reason we behave the way we do. Man’s Ego may constitute his relational point of departure, and may never leave his side, yet that aspect of his being is only one part of his psychological existence. The rest is created by every relational experience he has. Keep in mind that as you read this sentence, the person you were when you began reading it will be considerably different by the time you have reached the sentence’s end. Not only will you have consciously had a new relational experience, you will have sub-consciously related to a world around you in a way that you never had before.