You, just like all living things, are an aware, relational being. Your psychological status, then, reflects the status of your aware existence. It has to. Everything you are is existential in nature and, therefore, existentially structured including, of course, who you are psychologically. Psychologically speaking, therefore, you are a relationally aware being who must either continue being the existential reality that you are, or cease to exist entirely. Being that your existence depends exclusively upon your ability to be relational, you must either have your ability to relate or your Relationability confirmed for you, or you cannot continue existing. The only way, you as a subject of the relational process, can have your Relationability confirmed, however, is by having it confirmed by your object world, or your Context. If, however, instead of confirming your Relationability, your Context contradicts it, the structural integrity of your psychological state will be placed in jeopardy.

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