As has previously been pointed out, the self represents the Ego’s Context and, therefore, deals exclusively with all things measureable. This means that, unlike your Ego, your self keeps busy by analyzing, measuring, assessing, and judging the Relationability of objects and events contained in its object world; objects and events which have the potential of confirming the self’s Relationability. If and when the self is contradicted instead of confirmed, it is unable to remain idle but rather immediately creates a “measurable” compensating or neutralizing response. No matter under what conditions nor no mater what the relational circumstances may be at the time, when contradiction strikes, the self is structurally bound to respond.

When the Ego confronts contradiction, however, (a sunset is blocked from view by clouds. There is no more chocolate pudding in the fridge or lovemaking is interrupted by a friend’s visit) there exists no structural obligation that it react in any way. Indeed, to say that the Ego can suffer from ‘contradiction’ at all is a misnomer as in order for true contradiction to occur; a subject’s “measurable” Relationability must be involved. The Ego’s Relationability, however, is immeasurable and, therefore does not directly involve itself with the self’s judgmental world . When we say that the Ego has been contradicted, therefore, it would be more accurate to say that it had simply been blocked or kept from receiving confirmation. When the Ego is (blocked) from confirmation there is no guilt, remorse, shame, embarrassment, dread, or anxiety associated with the blockage and, therefore, the Ego requires no compensatory measures to bring it back into balance. Contradictions to the Ego do not throw the Ego out of balance; they simply deny it the confirmation it seeks. If, however, that which blocks the Ego from acquiring confirmation involves the Context, (a group of tourists are what block your view of a sunset. There is no more chocolate pudding because Mary forgot to buy some, or one’s love making is interrupted by someone’s inconsiderate behavior) the self will immediately rise to the occasion and do whatever is necessary to provide the Ego with what it needs. (you oblige the tourists to get out of the way, Mary gets scolded for not being attentive and whoever has been inconsiderate is reprimanded for their behavior).