Just like all living things, our very survival depends solely upon our ability to have our object worlds or Reference Contexts echo back or “confirm” for us the relational reality that we are. That is: That we are “relationally able beings” or that we possess functioning Relationability. That does not mean that we necessarily must be “conscious” of such confirmations, only that we be aware of them. Being “aware” means sensing consciously or sub-consciously “one’s own ability to be relational” or one’s “Relationability.” Indeed, awareness of the relational reality that we are is as basic to the existence of all living things as is their relational existence itself.

No living thing, then, can exist outside its aware association with its Context or its object world. The observation that man--among other living things--possesses this psycho-relational requirement forms the very foundation upon which our approach to understanding who he is psychologically can be realized.